Walt, K1QS

Why Listen?


It is possible that just tuning around the bands you will hear some folks engaged in conversation. Take a moment to find out if it is more than a 59, 73 QSO. It could prove fruitful.   I was tuning across twenty meters one day and heard an Austrian station chatting with a ham in the US. The American ham acknowledged that he doesn’t QSL as ardently as when he WAS DX. He went on to say he had operated from Okinawa and told his call at the time. I typed that call into my log and discovered that I had worked him, way back in 1970 but hadn’t bothered to QSL. Of course, 40 some years later, I still had no confirmation for KR6. When they were done, I asked if he still has the logs, and Russ, K0VXU replied in the affirmative. Because I was listening (and Russ is a good guy) I now have 355 all time confirmed. It pays to listen, even decades later.

Thanks again, Russ.