Great stories.  Let me offer one of mine.

Back in 1959 I had built a one tube super regen RX and was really excited that I could hear people talking with one another.  However, I had to adjust the feedback capacitor to be able to tune in the fellows (SSB was different than AM).  Although the RX worked and I listened on it most of my free time, I was disappointed that I couldn’t hear some of the others they were talking with.

Well, sure enough one day there was an advertisement in one of the ‘shopper’ rags for a Hallicrafters shortwave receiver.  I called the listed telephone number and found it was a model S-40B.  The price seemed astronomical to a 14 year old ($35), but my mother ponied up the necessary cash and I was in business.  I used that RX for 3 or 4 months before getting my Novice, KNØVXU in late August, 1959 (see attached).

I concur whole heartedly with your take on the S-40B.  And, yes, I learned early in my amateur career to use that BTE filter.  I used that RX for almost 2 years, even after getting my general.  Well, Heathkit came to the rescue with the QF-1 Q Multiplier about that time which I bought and assembled and installed.  It worked well enough for me to work some DX on 20 CW using a Heathkit DX-40 and an 80 dipole. (see K0VXU- 1961).

Back in 1959 it was magic.  And it still is!

Thanks for stories…..they’re priceless.

Russ – KØVXU

KN0VXU 08-25-59-1